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fream is an online platform,
dedicated to free your dreams


Get the things in your head sorted and start putting pictures, videos and text on a canvas to make a step closer to the liberation of your dreams. You can arrange and rearrange them as often as you wish.


Once you managed all your things on that canvas to make it look like a dream you can share or need help with then start sharing it with friends, family or even strangers.


As soon as you shared you dream with known or unknown people they will give you feedback. And exactly that is the point where you get yourself really started to work on your own dreams.

What do I need it for?
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Our Vision

fream is an online platform that is designated to help you visualize and organize your dreams and to share them with likeminded people so that it is possible to collaborate with others on your dream or help others getting their dreams fulfilled.

First we want to establish an online community where people get inspired and remember their goals/dreams. Second we want to build a fream culture that encourages to work on dream realization - alone and in collaboration. Third we want to offer people a platform where it is easy and fun to help others in their pursuit for happiness.

Most important: We want to accelerate the growth of our community – therefore we would be very happy if you took part of the collaborative revolution that will change the world in the issues that matter most to us
- our dreams!

  • fream inspires – dreamer, seeking of their true lifetime dream & eventually fulfilling their dreams
  • fream establishes a culture – in that people do what their hearts are telling them to
  • fream finances through – earnings through sponsoring
  • fream grows – with strong dreamers & partners
  • fream is getting realized – by a interdisciplinary and high motivated freamteam
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